"I am a Choice Farms customer with a story to tell that is sure to bring a smile to your face.
My granddaughter is 6 years old, and she has always been a notoriously slow, fussy eater.  Every meal was a battle to get her to taste things, to finish her meal, etc.
Enter Choice Farms - she is in love with food!  She eats all kinds of chicken - she loves your chicken fingers and when we grill your drumsticks, she asks for seconds!  She is now a pasta and sauce lover, and asked if we could do steak on the grill for her birthday next year!"

"Our daughter very quickly became a customer, as well, after our granddaughter told her she had to get "Grammie's meat" We have all come to appreciate the quality and taste difference, and the pleasure that dinner time should be!"
- Jocelyn 

"I had to send a note to you to thank you for the incredible quality product we are enjoying with your program, and share a story with you.  We are brand-new customers, but rest assured, we are now yours for life!
Our son (16 years old), never has much to say or share at meal times as, I'm sure, can be said about many teenagers.  Imagine our surprise when, after one or two bites of his dinner, he looked up and asked what I'd done differently with the chicken - it didn't taste right.
Well, as a confession, I had used some that was previously in the freezer, not Choice Farms product, but I had prepared it the way I always prepared that dish.
A true testament to the difference quality makes - a teenaged boy noticed the difference, 

and wouldn't eat his dinner - and this is only 2 or 3 meals after becoming customers!
We are full on believers in the quality and flavour of your products, and plan to be customers for a very long time!"
- Joan and Peter

Customer Feedback

"We LOVE the quality and taste of the products we order from Choice Farms! 
The convenience is top notch, too.  I am spending so much less time going from store to store for sales, checking flyers for price matching, waiting in check out lines! 
I have spent more Saturdays enjoying my family, then cooking up a delicious, healthy meal for all of us to enjoy!"
- Jessika

​"We are VERY satisfied customers, we have been for many years. 
We always enjoy every bite, plates are always cleaned, compliments fly!  Friends and relatives are always angling for dinner invitations.
Thank you for helping me make every meal time delicious!"
- Corinne