Beef Products

Imagine a perfectly aged steak, seasoned just so, grilled until it is slightly charred on the outside, all the delicious juices seared in, begging you to cut in….

Think of serving an amazingly tender roast at your next family dinner, browned beautifully outside, melt in your mouth yummy, accompanied by rich au jus or gravy….

For those casual get togethers, serve up some gourmet burgers, ours are ground sirloin, or make your own using our premium double ground beef for the ultimate in flavour and tenderness…

Our beef is all AAA, free range and grain fed.  Our beef is locally sourced, from Ontario farms only, making it the freshest it can be.  Your order is cut and packaged to your specifications; in our HACCP certified, Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved butcher shop, and delivered to your door for the most in convenience and quality at once.

Pork products

All of our pork products are blue ribbon quality.  We deal only with Ontario pork, keeping it local, from our family farms to your family home.

We offer a wide variety of pork products - choose from meaty ribs begging for sticky sauce; succulent pork chops perfect for grilling or stuffing; pork shoulder roasts for that tasty pulled pork; or that favourite breakfast indulgence – bacon!!

Our Products

Poultry products

Our poultry is all air chilled, grain fed, raised without any hormones or steroids.  You can rest easy knowing that you are serving chicken to your family that is naturally raised, locally sourced, strictly monitored, inspected and managed from farm to table by both HACCP and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Air chilling has several benefits, one of which is that there is no cross contamination as the chickens don’t touch each other or common water.  Air chilling also means that no water is absorbed into the flesh of the chicken – no more shrinking and/or rubbery chicken after cooking!

From whole chickens that will roast up perfectly golden brown on the outside, tender and juicy inside; to chicken breasts and legs that are always moist and flavourful; to our chicken fingers made from pure chicken tenders, no processed meat; your family will love our products.

Premium quality, fresh from our Ontario farmers to your home freezer and your table, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of naturally raised, locally sourced AAA beef, air-chilled grain-fed free-range chickens and more all raised without hormones or chemicals, blue ribbon pork and wild seafood including sockeye salmon.

Our food consultants will happily review our full product range with you, whether you're looking for perfectly marbled and aged steaks, to tender, succulent pork, to the finest air chilled grain fed poultry products available; and all from LOCAL Ontario farms, making our products the natural choice in freshness for your family.