We founded our family-owned and operated business over 25 years ago with the single goal of helping other families, and that is still what we base our business on today.  We promise to never forget our starting motivation – providing the opportunity to make healthy, safe, quality choices when preparing food for your family, within your budget, while not sacrificing convenience or time.  

The Story​

We have our own butcher, no “middle man”, and our HACCP certification and Canadian Food Inspection Agency certification gives you assurance that our products are processed only by professionals with the highest standards and qualifications – and that we are inspected regularly, at random to maintain those certifications. 

We offer the full benefits of bulk buying, including saving you money, but you don’t have to pay for it in bulk.  Our food plans work into your regular grocery budget, they are not an extra expense – you choose your interest free plan, weekly, bi weekly, semi-monthly, monthly – your convenience, your comfort, your budget.

Life, as we know it…gets busier and busier every day.  Many of us spend so much time running from one thing to another that our diet and nutrition can slip.  It is our mission at Choice Farms to provide as many families as possible the opportunity to enjoy healthier meal choices with our super-easy, stress free alternative shopping method.  
Our family’s goal is to provide your family the opportunity to have premium quality, individually packaged, locally sourced butcher products at home, in your freezer!  Our custom-tailored freezer filler programs can be adjusted to suit any budget.  
Never again worry about “I forgot to take something out for dinner” – our products can be quickly defrosted in a cold-water bath; no questions about where the food you serve your family has come from – our AAA beef, blue ribbon pork, and grain-fed air-chilled chicken raised without any added hormones or steroids all come from ONTARIO farms; no concerns about making something everyone will like – our individually packaged products make it easy to please everyone!  We strive to make every meal the relaxing, enjoyable time it should be for your family.